How to Make an Invoice in Google Docs

How to Make an Invoice in Google Docs – With Google Docs, you can easily create invoices. You can tailor the bill to your own needs, including private and commercial information. You can even share it with your customers and customers.

Sign up for Google Docs. Visit the Google Docs homepage on your computer and sign in to your account using the same email ID and password you used to sign in to your Gmail account.

How to Make an Invoice in Google Docs

Open the Invoice templates menu. In another tab or window of the web browser, search for “Google Docs Invoice templates” to access the “Templates” menu and select the first result in the list, or access the site directly here.

Find an invoice template to use. The right pane of the Invoice Templates menu displays all the available invoice templates for use in the thumbnails. Scroll through this list. You can click the “Preview” link next to each template to see a larger sample of the template on your screen.

Choose an invoice template. When you find a template you want to use, click the “Use this template” button next to the template thumbnail. It will open in a Google Docs document.

Configure a Generic Invoice Configuring a generic voice allows you to create future invoices with the same template the next time you need them. Edit the details of the template invoice with the contact details (name and contact information) as they appear in the template. The location of these fields depends on the selected template.

Documents are automatically stored in Google Docs and can be retrieved from your Google Docs or Google Drive account.

Create your first invoice After creating a general invoice, make a copy of the invoice and fill it with the actual information. To make a copy, click on “File” in the top header and select “Make a copy”. Change the name of the copy in the pop-up window that appears. Be sure to name the bill accordingly. Click “OK” and the copy document will open.
Now edit the information in the new invoice. Make sure that all entered information is correct. Update the invoice number, the date of the document, the “To” and “To” information and each line for each invoice line item. Confirm the sum by adding all numbers with a calculator.

Create more invoices. If you need more than one invoice, you can always use the generic invoice that you created. Access the general invoice from your Google Doc or Google Drive account and make a copy. Change the name of the bill according to its purpose and edit the information. Repeat this process as needed because the number of invoices you can create is unlimited.
If you want to use a different template instead of the common template, select a different template from the Invoice templates menu.

Share the bill with your customer. After you have processed the invoice, report it to the appropriate customer by clicking “Share” at the top left of the screen and entering the customer’s e-mail address.
You may want to use a personalized message to make the sound more professional.

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