How to Send an Invoice from Google Sheets

How to Send an Invoice from Google Sheets – Start by sending your professional bill via Google Sheets.

After adjusting your invoices for your customers, you can approve or send them so that you receive the payment on time. There are several ways to do this, depending on your payment agreement and what works best for your customers. Wondering how to share a Google Sheets bill?

How to Send an Invoice from Google Sheets

Sign in to your Google Account to send a bill from Google Sheets
Find the bill of the customer you want to send. Make sure that all information and the information provided by the customer are correct.
Click Share to open the sharing options.

Under “Permissions,” indicate who can see the bill. You can then copy the link to the sheet invoice or send the invoice by entering your customer’s e-mail address in the field.

Click on “Save” and “Done”

Tip: If you want to send the Google Sheets invoice as a PDF, just save the sheet in PDF format and download it. You can then email or print the bill to your customer to send by mail.

Whether you’re a small business owner in North America, an independent UK professional, or a contractor in another part of the world, you’ll find the perfect bill for your FreshBooks business.

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