What Are The Different Types Of GST Invoices and Vouchers?

There are mainly 8 types of invoices and GST vouchers that are prescribed for different types of transactions. They are the following:

Tax bill.
Bill of Supply.
Acknowledgment of receipt.
Refund the voucher
Proof of payment.
Direct debit and credit.
ISD bill.
Delivery of Challan.
We will discuss the purpose of each in detail.

GST invoices and vouchers

What Are The Different Types Of GST Invoices and Vouchers?
  1. Tax invoice
    It is obligatory that every person registered under the GST creates a tax invoice for all deliveries.

A tax invoice is an invoice for the supply of goods or services that are taxable to B2B and B2C customers. It is also output when state transfers are made between states.

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  1. Delivery note
    It is required that a delivery invoice be issued at the time of delivery of goods and services exempt from tax or from the composition distributor.
  2. Voucher
    Proof of receipt must be provided upon receipt of the prepayment for delivery of goods or services or for both.
  3. Refund the voucher
    A proof of reimbursement will be issued if no further delivery has taken place against the previously received receipt.
  4. Payment receipt
    A recipient who has to pay according to the chargeback must issue a proof of payment to the vendor at the time of payment.
  5. Direct debit and credit
    The debit note is issued when it is determined that a tax burden previously levied on the goods or services or both is lower than the taxable value.

The credit will be issued if it is determined that a tax invoice previously issued for the goods or services or both exceeds the taxable value.

A credit note will also be issued if the delivery of goods or services is defective, the goods are returned to the supplier.

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